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Big Barn Organics

Big Barn Organics is the newest passion of Allegre Farms. Over the past 12 years, our orchardist Jen has been quietly introducing new pear varieties into our Southern block. We now have 9 different organic varieties from the traditional to the newer Asian styles. Look for them in the Gorge at Mothers Market, Dickey’s Farms Stand or in Portland at New Seasons and other locations.

Our Varieties:

Bosc  -the “aristocrat of pears” with a long tapering neck and russeted skin. Crisp and smooth

Bartlett -the most common pear -what you think of when you think of ‘pear shaped’. A yellow summer pear, delicious right off the tree but also holds its shape well when baked or canned

Anjou -creamy white, aromatic, juicy, sweet, slightly acidic, with buttery and slightly gritty texture. yum.

Abate Fetel -this one is Jen’s favorite variety to ‘taste test’

Comice -among the sweetest and juiciest of all varieties of pears, commonly found in holiday gift boxes and baskets

Olympic (Asian) -large and round with a crisp, juicy, sweet taste. One of the best tasting pears and the preferred Korean Asian Pear.

20th Century (Asian) -medium-size fruit with firm white flesh and refreshingly bold, sweet-tart flavor

Hosui (Asian) -large to medium fruit with a crisp, juicy off-white flesh. Skin has an excellent golden brown russeting.

Other – stay tuned for newly grafted and other experimental varieties

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